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If you wish to apply for a Residential Care Subsidy, you’ll require a needs assessment to be completed by the DHB Needs Assessment team. You can ask your GP for an assessment referral or visit

The needs assessor from NASC will arrange for a means test through Work and Income New Zealand. If you meet the set criteria you may receive partial or full subsidised care.

Yes. An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is a legal document which sets out who can take care of your personal or financial matters if you can’t. That person is called your attorney. There are two types of EPOAs – an EPOA for Personal Care and Welfare and an EPOA for Property.

You need to set up an EPOA through a lawyer. The EPOA for Personal Care and Welfare only comes into effect if a medical practitioner determines you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

Yes, you are able to go and stay overnight with your family and friends. Our Facility or Clinical Manager will help to organise your personal requirements, so that you can have a pleasant break.

All medications, including over-the-counter drugs, are managed by our clinical manager or nursing team and overseen by our contracted GP. Regular assessments of care are completed at least twice a year, and more often as your care needs change.

Our care home has an agreement with the pharmacy to dispense your medications.  This involves a co-ordinated order and supply system and includes individually packaged doses to provide safe and reliable dispensing of medications. Some medications incur a cost if they are not fully subsidised. This cost is not covered in our agreement and will be passed onto you. If you wish to manage your medications yourself, you will need a note from your doctor confirming this. Medications must be stored in a locked drawer in your room.

Yes. We highly recommend you to bring in your stuff and personalize your space.

Residents from all religious and cultural affiliations are welcome at our home. During the care plan, we will ask you about your specific spiritual and cultural needs. Relatives and friends are welcome to take you to your regular place of worship.

Our care home has a kitchen manager who is responsible, with their team, for providing a menu that gives as much choice as possible for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Special requirements such as vegetarian, diabetic, low fat, low salt or weight reduction diets can be provided. Please advise us prior to your admission if there is any other preference that you may have.

We have a hairdresser who visits the home. Please refer to the Clinical Manager or one of our friendly staff for specific hairdressing days, times, and charges.

We have a Facility & Clinical Manager onsite every day. If you have a concern, we encourage you to speak to us.

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